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Okinawa Apothecary

Okinawa Apothecary

The island of longevity Okinawa is a resort island of Japan, and it is famous for its high life expectancy. The benefits provided from the unique plants only found on the island contribute a lot to the health of its inhabitants.

Okinawa Apothecary

This Japanese-inspired skin care/ Bath and Body line and super-blend line will use natural ingredients and essential oils to provide a gentle, soothing experience for the skin. The line would focus on hydration, exfoliation, and calming, as these are all essential aspects of a healthy and vibrant skin. We would use ingredients such as green tea, rice, and lavender, which have been used in Japanese beauty products for centuries, to give the line a traditional and natural feel.

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Textiles + Infrared Technology

Juro Miru Apparel contains Infrared fabric. Through thermo-reactive technology, this natural fabric captures heat, converting it into infrared energy for muscles and tissues, providing the following benefits:


More energy


increased comfort





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