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How far-infrared technology works and how it can help you

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How far-infrared technology works and how it can help you

We’d all like to have optimal wellness. To be less stressed, have more energy, sleep better, and think more clearly. 

We know, of course, that diet and exercise play a major role in how we think and feel. Proper nutrition and an active lifestyle are critical for both physical and mental wellness. 

But when our fast-paced modern lives have us constantly juggling work, relationships, finances, and other commitments, good health often feels out of reach. 

Well, now there’s an easier way to support your body and promote lasting health: CELLIANT® infrared textiles. 

The clothing of the future

The first of its kind to be designated as a Class 1 medical device, CELLIANT® infrared radiation represents a new era in wellness technology. Created with a blend of thermo-reactive minerals and some 88 trace elements, these bioresponsive textiles have been proven to convert body heat into beneficial energy, providing numerous health benefits to the wearer. 

Far-infrared (FIR) rays allow for the transfer of multiple energies as deep as 2–3 cm into subcutaneous tissue without overheating the skin. This transfer of energy has been shown to accelerate blood flow, increasing circulation and promoting endothelial nitric oxide synthase activity and nitric oxide production.1

How do infrared textiles work?

The secret to FIR is in the combination of polypropylene and a proprietary blend of thermo-reactive minerals. It’s these minerals that can convert human body heat into far infrared rays, directing gentle and therapeutic heat into the tissues. 

Our bodies naturally emit around a certain amount of heat every second, and even more so when we’re running, hiking, swimming, or doing other activities. FIR-embedded textiles absorb this heat and convert it to infrared energy, which is then reflected back to the body. The absorption of this energy into the skin and tissues stimulates vasodilation, widening blood vessels and improving the flow of nutrients to muscles, joints, organs, and brain. Cells receive the blood and oxygen they need to function properly. As a result, cell turnover is improved, speeding recovery time and increasing energy levels. 

Wellness from within: boosting every activity

Far infrared activewear has taken the athletic world by storm. Fitness apparel embedded with this innovative technology has been shown to increase stamina, improve strength, and enhance overall performance. 

These thermoregulating minerals have the power to provide warmth in cold weather, and to help cool the body in hot weather. Wearers say that they feel less fatigued and experience fewer muscle pains after training. 

The apparel also has benefits for those who suffer from arthritis or injuries. By enhancing oxygen perfusion and circulation, painful joints and stiff muscles are relieved, allowing for greater mobility. 

Restorative rest and recovery 

Sleepwear and bedding infused with infrared technology help to promote deep, restorative, rest. Our body’s healing processes are naturally activated when we sleep, but many of us simply don’t get enough of that sleep. CELLIANT® bedding not only stimulates circulation but helps to regulate body temperature, improving both comfort and relaxation. A clinical trial found that the fiber mattress cover reduced nighttime awakenings and improved sleep quality and sleep efficiency.2 

Built for comfort and durability 

CELLIANT is for life. The fibers cannot be washed out, nor will they lose their effectiveness. As a bonus, the fabric is also naturally anti-bacterial and provides deodorant-like benefits to the wearer. It’s the ultimate activewear for anyone who cares about their long-term physical and mental health. 

To learn more about how Far Infrared could improve your own wellbeing, check out the whole range at 


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